My name is Simona Mesic … but truly Who am I? I’ve been asking this question since I remember; and for quite a long time, I was satisfied with the many answers and roles I played in my life and with which I more or less identified myself. It was a time of virtual reality, a time when I was still living in a world of material illusion.

Nevertheless, I knew all the time that there was something more than this, some other reality; I always believed in a higher power that takes care of us and directs us at all times; which regulates our lives without the need for ourselves to be particularly involved and strained. That a higher intelligence knows much better what is better for us than our little mind, which is full of illusions, fears and unfulfilled desires.

I first encountered this for my first trip to Asia, where I had the opportunity to experience the endless security and grace of life that always took care of everyone, and everything. I traveled Thailand, Laos and Cambodia … India … followed by Nepal and Indonesia.

I always found myself at the right moment in the right place, and at the same time experiencing immense gratitude … everything that was happening is perfectly harmonized and I have difficulty recognizing that there is a spiritual world from where it all comes. In my mind, the values ​​of Western civilization, which was not satisfied with anything, still lived … our ego was in constant action and longing for new and new achievements. At the same time, this did not fit with the happy faces I encountered in traveling, at every step … and who lived in a “virtual” shortage. I was confirmed by everything I already knew. Materiality cannot make me happy and satisfied.

Astrology itself was never interested in me as long as I did not discover study notes on jyotish after “coincidence”. When I scrolled through the material, I was given answers to all the questions that were raised at any time. All my doubts were immediately clear as soon as I understood the meaning of the word karma … yes, there are the causes and consequences of our actions.

Before, I knew that all the circumstances in our life are kind of neutral and that our responses are in fact the same as the significance of an event in our past … or will we experience something as an obstacle or just as a challenge? Are we going to accept life events as they are or are we craving for something different? Will we live in an illusion instead of reality? How is karma actually manifested and how do we stop the constant repetition of the same responses? So how can we change?

At that moment, my life just started. I needed to look deeper inside and discover everything else that was deeply buried. It was not an easy job, but it was more than necessary. Psychological discovery of the unconscious became part of my life-process, awareness-raising and searching for the patterns that constrained me.

And where do we start? How do we figure out patterns of repeated karmic cycles in which we have captured tens or hundreds of lives? Why have we come and what is our role in life at all? At what stage of the process of personal growth we are? How much are we covered with the spirit and we respond with love and how much do we react instinctively?

In this context, jyotish (vedic astrology) gives us information that is a good basis for further work on ourselves. Through the birth chart, we can discover where our potentials are and where more effort need to be invested, which area is where we are most advanced and what our soul really desires … How many pages did we actually get out of our way? Where do we stand up and where do we just sail with the current? Where do we have distorted perception and which part of our life is too neglected?

In all of this, the understanding of our lives through the vedic birth chart can be of considerable help to us.