Sade sati

Sade Sati is the period in human life in which Saturn passes into the sign where our birth moon is located. The period usually takes seven and a half years. It begins when Saturn enters the sign that is in front of our birth-moon sign. This means that Sade Sati starts when Saturn approaches the lunar degrees and ends only when he leaves the next sign after our birthday moon sign.

We should look at life from the spiritual side in Sade Sati. If we know what Saturn requires of us, our spiritual progress becomes faster. And so we will not have to experience any problems, difficulties and losses to consciously evolve the spiritual side of life.

When Sade Sati takes place depends on the lunar position in our birth card. Because Saturn is a very slow planet, with a total of 29 years in the zodiac, each of us experiences Sade Sati about every 22 years.

The planet Saturn has a big impact on our emotions and in the Sade Sati we are often faced with bigger challenges. These range from health and personal to financial problems, to which we usually react emotionally. Each of us experiences Sade Sati in her / his own way. The nature of the experience and the challenge are dependent on the birth moon and its position on Saturn.


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