The complete analysis of the birth chart helps us to understand the karmic influences we have brought into the world, into this life. This makes it easier to understand your own past, present and future. You can then shape the future yourself to end the repetitive karmic cycles and patterns in which we have already caught in several lives.

Analysis of your vedic birth chart is an extensive insight into your psychological profile.

This is based on the astrological sign, the constellations (Nakshatras) and certain combinations and connections of the planets in your birth map (special Yogas). You see what your life tasks are, what your main life task is and what you should focus on in this incarnation. You will also see what you have brought into this life and where should you gain no more experience, let go of those areas. We can analyze a range of your choice area in detail for you (e.g. business, partnership). But you can also ask a few other questions during the order, which we then answer in the analysis.

In the forecast section, you can see which energies are in the foreground at this moment and how long they will have influence on you. What are our tasks in the next 5 years or more? What can you expect during major transits – e.g. in Sade Sati and when in your future you can experience this period … In case if you are n this period, the analyses will provide you the remedies to balance successfully through this time.

The last chapter describes the precautionary measures – how to mitigate planetary influences and how to cleanse the karma fastest … The analysis gives you various information that can be used to accelerate spiritual growth that will change your life and ultimately your destiny.

This is a complete analysis on 30-40 pages, which in fact summarises all the information jyotish provides (I use Parashara and Jaimini jyotish techniques in the analysis). You get an extensive written report and 2 – 3 hours of further consultations. For those and all other questions, we are always available for you via Skype, e-mail or telephone.

To create a vedic birth chart, I need your name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, and birth time. The birth time should be as accurate as possible, so I recommend reading it from your birth certificate. It is also good to have a lot of important data (for example, whether you are married, whether you have children, whether the parents are still alive, etc.) or important events in your life (such as surgery, job changes). This is not necessary. You can also focus only on the areas that interest you the most or ask you important life questions.

I will send you  personal analysis of your birth card, which is about 30 – 40 pages long. It includes:

  • the understanding of jyotish and karma law,
  • your psychological profile (based on constellations or Nakshatras, not just the horoscope signs),
  • a description of the karmic focus as well as the period of life you are in,
  • information on areas where there are problems and a change is important – (if you are in the Sade Sati period, you will get a detailed analysis and what to do during that period, as well as the precautionary measures taken over time),
  • information about your main life tasks, meaning of your incarnation (based on Jaimini jyotish),
  • prediction for 5 years (the active planet’s activity and the effect of larger transits),
  • information and instruction on precautionary measures,
  • an analysis of your desired topic (option). If you want more topics in the analysis, please indicate this. Depending on the topic, the invoice amount increases by 20 euros.

Ich schicke Ihnen die von mir erstellte Analyse Ihrer Geburtskarte, die ca. 20 – 25 Seiten lang ist. Sie beinhaltet:

  • das Verstehen vom Jyotish und Karmagesetz
  • Ihr grundpsychologisches Profil (das auf Sternbildern bzw. Naksatras und nicht nur auf den Zeichen basiert).
  • Eine Beschreibung des karmischen Fokus, als auch des Lebensabschnitts, in dem Sie gerade sind.
  • Informationen zu Bereichen, in denen es Probleme gibt und eine Änderung wichtig ist – (Z.B. wenn Sie im Sade Sati Zeitabschnitt sind, bekommen Sie eine detaillierte Analyse und Angaben, was in diesem Zeitabschnitt zu machen ist. Gleichzeitig werden auch die Vorsorgemaßnahmen für die Zeit angegeben.
  • Informationen zu Ihren Hauptlebensaufgaben, sinn Ihrer Inkarnation (basiert auf Jaimini jyotish).
  • Vorhersage für 5 Jahre (das Wirken des aktiven Planeten und die Wirkung größerer Transite)
  • Informationen zu Vorsorgemaßnahmen
  • Eine Analyse Ihres Wunschthemas – Wahloption.Wenn Sie weitere Themen in der Analyse wünschen, geben Sie dies bitte an. Je Thema erhöht sich der Rechnungsbetrag um 20 Euro.

For a binding order, please fill out the form below. After submitting the form and receipt of payment on my Paypal or bussines account you will receive the written analysis within 10 days at the specified email address (please do not forget to specify).

If you would like a telephone conversation or contact via Skype after the written analysis, please state this when ordering and I will contact you. Personal consultations are only possible by prior arrangement.

Yes, I order the analysis of the birth card at the price of 180 EUR. 





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