In my counseling, do not expect to predict the future or insight into your fate. I can tell you what your karmic traveler is and what to expect, but then the work will only begin. Astrology is the oldest form of psychotherapy and, as such, it poses us with the challenge of recognising of our true self. With this analysis you can get the information that spurs us on to spiritual growth and personal development. Thus one can see one’s own potential and veiled lack.

It’s about diagnosing or an intersection of your condition that can encourage you to action, which dynamics … so expect information that should encourage you to grow spiritually, to your personal development. It can connect us with our internal potentials and subconsciously concealed shortcomings.

How it will change depends on you. Everyone tackles their own problems in their own way. But if we understand how we work, then we can more easily change our own patterns of behavior … However, I will show you your potential path and guide you to where you are at that moment. From the birth card you can read not only the karma time periods but also our life tasks. But you can not see what was done with these life tasks. It depends entirely on your own will.

If someone experiences constant repetition of situations in their own lives, one can discover the reason for this in his birth card. Then you can finish this repetition. If you want to get to the bottom of the difficulties, you should also get to know each other from this side.


Indian astrology is the knowledge with which one can discover different patterns that shape our destiny. That’s why it’s good to know the term karma and to understand spirituality. After the consultation one comes to the self-understanding and as a result changes also the own life …

Mastering jyotish is much more than a technical understanding of the birth card. It is about a deep personality study and the unconscious interactions within the personality.

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Allgemeine Analyse der Geburtskarte

Um eine Geburtskarte zu erstellen, benötige ich Ihren Namen, Geschlecht, Geburtsdatum, Geburtsort und die Geburtszeit.

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Sade sati

Sade Sati ist der Zeitabschnitt im Menschenleben, in dem der Saturn in das Zeichen übergeht, in dem sich unser Geburtsmond befindet.

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Kompatibilität zweier Menschen.

as Treffen mit verschiedenen Menschen beeinflusst und verändert uns und unser Leben.

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Varshpal ist ein Jahreshoroskop oder System, das uns Einsicht in die Jahresgeburtskarte einer Person ermöglicht.

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Für jeden neuen Anfang muss man einen günstigen Moment auswählen.

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Beruflicher Bereich

In diesem Bereich werden Hinweise zu beruflichen Fragen gegebe.

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Körpergesundheit ist immer eine Widerspiegelung unseres seelischen Zustandes.

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Analyse eines Bereichs Ihrer Wahl

Sie können jeden Bereich, der Sie interessiert, auswählen oder für Sie wichtige Frage stellen.

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Haben Sie schon mal daran gedacht, dass Ihr Name eine Energie ist, die sich immer aktiviert, wenn wir gerufen werden?

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