You can select any area that interests you (e.g. bussines area, health, children …) or ask any important questions for you. I can make also Muhurta calculation (choice of favourable moment for any new start, e.g. building a house, wedding etc.) or Namkran consultation (that is the choice of appropriate name for a person, company or pet etc.).

We know that sometimes things run smoothly, because we have a wind in the back (that is, cosmic support), but sometimes it does not go … Every activity (establishment of a company, birth of a child, construction of a new house, etc.). carries the vibration of the moment in which it was conceived … just as we were conceived and born at a certain time, so each new beginning of something is written in the universe as favorable or unfavorable … so what we will do if we can choose … and with the important decision we just wait for a favorable moment?

Personal lectures of jyotish are also available, available by personal arrangement.




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