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Simona and her reading of jyotish came into my life at the right time. From her words and way of speaking, I
felt an incentive to accept everything that might be waiting for me on my journey, and above all to accept
myself the way I am.
Simona spoke clearly about everything with some lightness and positivity, and with so much understanding
of my reactions that she completely avoided any fear of what to do … Some of the things that she told me
were very surprising, because I was aware of them … others described me very precisely – everything she
told me could give me a thought.
With the wisdom and openness she draws from her rich life experiences and years of learning, she not only
gave me insight into my life, but she opened up my questions for reflection and helped me to take on some
important initiatives and guidelines for my further journey .



My experience with Simona is – in one word – unforgettable … I did not believe before that you can hear your own past so accurately from another person who does not know you at all. Then I also more easily accepted the future events that could happen. Now I also know why I experience what I experience and what I should learn from it. Thank you!


Dear Simona!

Thank you for the very detailed jyotic analysis. It was very exciting for me to read what alone my birth date and birth time say about my life. Some of the details you wrote about the specific topics have surprised me a lot. How could you describe me so exactly where we do not know each other. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this analysis and can now handle some situations better and just look at them from a different angle. The fear of the future was taken a little, because the analysis shows me that it goes up again and again. I wish you many happy customers, whom you can help with your analysis and maybe even encourage you.

Greetings and THANKS from the heart!



Simona, Thank you very much. It was interesting and pleasant with you. Now I understand my tasks that I have to do in my life. I know exactly what are my debts and what to do or clarify in each area. The inner voice tells me when the time has come for the particular area without me consciously focusing on it myself. And, yes – I’m currently in the time when I was more concerned with spirituality. That’s why I can only say – unbelievable and totally interesting, how obviously everything is “written in the stars”. I hope to see you again soon for further instructions! Thanks & Best regards!



Simona and her interpretation of Jyotish have come into my life at exactly the right time. From your words, I got a kick-start to accept everything that awaits me in the future positively. It scared me of the future … Some things totally surprised me because I was not aware of them … The others described me exactly and correctly – but everything made me think. With the wisdom and openness she helped me to understand my previous life. And then she described the most important guidelines for my future. Thank you! Now I know where I am and what I have to do.


Your team

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